A common phenomenon in most developing countries is the presence of lab equipment which is not usable or not used because it is not appropriate for local needs, is improperly installed, or is defective at delivery. End users are often untrained in usage or maintenance.
-adopted from the World Health Organization

Worldwide Lab Improvement is committed to helping mission hospitals and clinics avoid these problems.

Worldwide Lab Improvement, Inc. (WWLAB) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation serving the laboratories in Christian mission hospitals and clinics in developing countries by providing affordable and durable equipment, supplies, training and consulting.

We require all organizations requesting our services to provide us with the following information:

  1. Statement of Faith (what your organization believes about God,
    Lord Jesus, man and their relationship to each other)
  2. Mission Statement of your organization
  3. Federal Tax ID number (if a US organization)

*If you need clarification, contact us at: or call 269.323.8407

After a careful study of your request and Needs Analysis, if your request meets the criteria for our assistance we will provide recommendations for equipment/supplies appropriate for your specific situation, including costs involved. If our recommendation includes analyzers for which on-site training is required, additional Field Training Information and Fees apply.

We can help to completely computerize your laboratory as well as the total hospital/clinic. Worldwide Lab Software Solutions (WWLSS) is a proprietary software program designed to solve the problems unique to hospitals and clinics functioning in emerging countries.

Computerize your Hospital/Clinic 

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