As a nonprofit corporation, Worldwide Lab Improvement accepts donations of laboratory equipment. Appropriate equipment can be refurbished if necessary and made available to hospitals and clinics in developing countries. Equipment that is not appropriate may be sold or traded for other appropriate equipment.

Please remember that it is imperative that you contact us BEFORE sending equipment donations.

Here is a partial list of desireable equipment:

  • QBC II, QBC II Plus or Autoread hematology analyzers with centrifuge, pipette and manuals if available.
  • AO (American Optical) Series 10, 4, 2 microscopes
  • Read-a-crit Centrifuges
  • Differential counters
  • IEC hematocrit centrifuges (Model MB)
  • Yankee pipette mixers
  • Heat boxes for Rh typing
  • Lab timers
  • Rotators
  • Tabletop incubators, sterilizers
  • Balances